A bad hair day…

My self-diagnosed (and quite insightful) seasonal affective disorder has now turned into a full blown cold. I am sure medical scientists all over the country will be studying the etiological link implied there. What this means is that over the last few days I have been constantly complaining and now I actually have something to complain about. Lucky blog-Stedman. Lucky 3 kids. Lucky friends who call/stop by without reading my blog first. And as if that was not too much for one suburban mommy to withstand…I am out of my shampoo and had to use blog-Stedman’s “Pert Plus, 2-in-1” from the Costco mega size. My hair smells like a dryer sheet with a hint of peppermint. Oh, the suburban angst…


  1. Seriously, the worst of it is the shampoo. Sometimes I run out of my favorite and I end up using Jamie’s icky stuff. why do they like that 2-1 crap? why do I buy it for him?

  2. Happy Campers says:

    I love the scent of dryer sheets. I would always get in trouble as a kid becuase I’d empty the entire stock of handtowels & washcloths, take them all in the tub, get them wet & just SMELL them for the entire bath. I LOVE the smell of clean laundry. So let me come smell your hair :)…insert creepy friend joke here…

  3. j–I don’t know! But their hair is like 2 inches long so how much damage can bad shampoo cause?

    creepy friend–I am going to be watching my back all day to see who is sniffing my hair.

    Hair update: surprisingly it doesn’t look that bad today! I was afraid it was going to look like the girl in the new anthropologie catalog pgs. 2 on…only I don’t have the flawless porcelain skin, piercing eyes and fabulous wardrobe!

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