Walmart’s first official car seat trade-in event started yesterday and since I had an old car seat lying around (more like stashed in my garage) I Traded My Car Seat in At Walmart’s Car Seat Event and Here’s What Happened… For those of you wondering what the process is like for Walmart’s Car Seat Trade-In Event, I wanted to answer some questions I had since I’ve already gone through the process.   Q: When is Walmart’s Car Seat Trade-In Event? A: The first-ever Walmart Car Seat Recycling Event will take place Sept. 16-30, in celebration of National Baby Safety Month. Q: What type of car seat can I trade-in? A: You can trade in any car seat you no longer need. The only exception is booster seats as they are not eligible for trade-in.
Q: Do they accept expired, old car seats? A: Yes! My car seat was expired and they took it, no questions asked. These are being recycled so it doesn’t matter if they are expired or not.
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Q: Where do I go in Walmart for the event? A: Participating Walmart locations are hosting this event so you’ll want to check for a nearby store. Once you find a store, you simply take the car seat to the customer service desk for trade-in.  Q: Do I need to clean my car seat before trading it in? A: No. These car seats are not being resold, they are being recycled so no need to clean them beforehand. Obviously, don’t trade it in full of garbage though. Q: What do I get for trading in my car seat? A: You get a $30 Walmart gift card that can be used on anything in the store not just baby items.
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Q: Can I trade in as many car seats as I want? A: No. There is a limit of 2 car seat trade-ins per household. Q: How will they know if I trade in more? A: Well, first off you want to be honest but, I am assuming they keep track based on address because when you trade-in your car seat, you do have to provide your ID and they input your address.

Other things to know:

  • Bring your valid state issued photo ID you will need this in order to trade-in your car seat.
  • You will receive a $30 Walmart gift card that can be used on anything in the store.
  • You must trade-in your car seat at the Customer Service desk at a participating Walmart store. 
The entire process was fairly easy. The worst part was waiting in line as there were several other people trading in car seats and bringing back returns while I was there. However, getting $30 for an expired car seat and spending about 30 minutes of my time, it was absolutely worth it! You can check out more event details here.

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