We are easily amused…

Last night blog-Stedman and I went to one of our favorite restaurants fleeing the chaos that was at our house. We love Taco Diner. The food is good and a bit different from the norm. The ambiance is a casually fantastic diner style with a few nice pieces of art (they also have one of the coolest public restrooms if you are interested). But we go for the entertainment. Taco Diner is situated directly across from Trulucks (snooty, high-priced restaurant with marginal food) and their valet parking spaces. The Truluck’s valet parking staff have an elaborate system of parking all the crappy cars behind the restaurant and juggling the nice cars in the 3 spaces in front. Then there is the rare use of the 4th spot…that is a special deal only reserved for the unfortunate dilemma when there are already 3 REALLY nice cars and a Lamborghini drives up…what to do? Whew, the 4th spot. So here is a Truluck’s dilemma…the 3 front spaces are filled with a yellow Hummer, a black, shiny Lexus and a silver Maserati. Then a Bentley drives up…what car will be shunned to the back lot or will the 4th space be used? This is so easy…The Lexus will be bumped without doubt. Last night was a really, really bad night at Trulucks which made it even more entertaining. When we arrived they actually had a Ford parked out front which was really bringing the whole establishment down…they were thanking their lucky stars when a generic Mercedes drove in. Poor Trulucks. But I guarantee you that if you had walked in to request a table in their empty restaurant you would have been seated in the bar for 30 minutes just because they are Trulucks and just because they think they can…


  1. and they can. Those crazy people need to be slapped. but you know the people waiting in the bar for 30 minutes in an empty restaurant are just so proud of themselves for being there…..

    next time you and blog stedman should get some burger king buckets and put them on your heads and stroll the sidewalk. THAT’ll get ’em talking.

  2. A Mom Two Boys says:

    Ugh…i used to work at a snooty hotel and we always did the same thing. In their defense, the Valets usually get tipped REALLY well by the people DRIVING the car, because, you know, they’re way better and more important than everyone else and they want to make sure we all know it. Can you tell I hated working for people like that?!
    Taco Diner sounds way more my speed than Trulucks. If you ever eat there, an extra $50 to give the valets and ask them to keep your car out front. :0)

  3. j–blog-Stedman is a little more reluctant then someone, who will remain nameless, to partcipate in such activities, but if you were to come visit…

    m2b–genius. that would totally be worth the $50 to see my sticky, silver minivan sitting in front of Trulucks…but we would have to go to Taco Diner to watch

  4. No kidding, I would pay them $50 to keep my pimped out mini-van parked infront.

    Heehee… not that is classy a car. Honda Minivan sans leather.

  5. That’s funny.
    I would HATE to be those valet guys…Too much stress.

    I love blog-Steadman’s name. I wish I thought of that.

  6. Hi! Out here in the sticks, we don’t have any snooty restaurants. But I have been to a few in my time. Not that impressed.

    I would much rather spend my evening in a casual place where I park my own car and can enjoy hot wings with a big ole beer in a frosty mug. mmmmmmmmm!

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