Here’s Why Costco’s Pizza Tastes So Good

If you’ve ever tried Costco’s pizza you know it is something so good, you don’t want to eat just one piece. Unfortunately, the slices are so big sometimes that’s all you can eat. No, I’m not complaining because those extra big slices of pizza are amazing and that isn’t by accident. In fact, there is a reason Costco’s Pizza Tastes So Good, Here’s Why…

The $1.99 a slice you pay at Costco makes it all worth it as soon as you take your first bite. The pizza almost always is perfect in temperature and taste. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad piece of Costco pizza.


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As I mentioned above, that isn’t by accident. In fact, Costco has a secret pizza robot that ensures your pizza is perfect every time!

It all starts with the dough but once that is rolled out and ready, a robot will evenly distribute the pizza sauce so you get the perfect sauce to dough ratio with every bite. It’s actually quite cool to watch, check out the video below.

Once the sauce is perfectly applied, the right amount of toppings are applied. Then the pizza is baked for exactly 6 minutes. Everything from the dough rising, to the amount of sauce and toppings to the amount of time baked is perfectly measured to create the perfect pizza!

Isn’t that interesting? Now that you know, I bet you’ll never look at that $2 slice of pizza the same way again!

Credit: Costco

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