Moms Are Taking ‘JUNK’ Trips and Now I Want To Take One

Momcations are exactly as they sound, mom vacations but there is a new trend called JUNK Trips and they taking over the boring, old momcation. In fact, moms everywhere are jumping on board to take part in this super cool “moms only” club. Honestly, now I want to take one!

What is a JUNK Trip?

JUNK is an abbreviation and stands for “Just Us, No Kids” and is an all girls (or moms) getaway with no kids, no spouses, just a ton of fun with other moms.

Although, if you really wanted to take a JUNK trip with your HUNK (husband, spouse, etc.) you totally could to. The only stipulation is no kids.

What do you do on a JUNK Trip?

On a JUNK trip you enjoy being a woman, a mom away from the kids and stress of being a mom. You just have a few glasses of wine, relax and enjoy what YOU like to do without a billion interruptions of this…


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Missing the weekend and the sun, but mostly this bunch of people! ???? #junktrips #junkparty #unluckyjuly #?? #homekong #squadgoalsachieved

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The last time we did an adult only junk trip I got a little overexcited and peaked too early – 2pm to be precise. Fortunately this time I had a pregnancy to keep me in check and we had a most relaxing day aboard the Lazy Days junk: small, intimate, well maintained, decent inflatables (yes that’s a necessity) with perfect weather and good food. We kicked off with bacon rolls, fruit kebabs and waffles with chocolate sauce, had roast beef for lunch then a very moorish artichoke dip at teatime with Thai chicken wraps. Now back to the reality of parenthood… Which is your favourite HK junk? #lazydays #hkjunks #junktrips #hk #hkig #hkiger #hongkong #hkfoodie #foodiehk #saikung @kkwi2

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What Can You Do on A JUNK Trip?

Well, anything you want! That is the beauty of this trip with no kids… If you want to nap, drink, play – you can do anything you want, whenever and where ever you want. 

You can go somewhere near like a hotel or somewhere far like a beach destination. It doesn’t matter but just remember, it is good for everyone to have time away including yourself so don’t feel guilty about doing it!

So, get the babysitter and gather your mom friends, because it’s time to pack your bags and plan a JUNK trip for yourself!

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  1. My wife recently took one of these trips (not sure it was called a JUNK trip), but it was awesome for her! It’s nice to break the cycle of your routine once in a while and not do the same things day in and day out like most moms end up doing.

    Also gave me a chance to do some fun 1-on-1 stuff with the kids!

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