Last week we shared with you that Costco has launched a new membership feature but now that some time has past, people are expressing their frustration for the new feature and it completely makes sense to me! Costco’s new membership features offers ease especially for parents trying to shop with their kids. The digital memberships allow the card to be scanned via the Costco app offering a quick and easy check out. However, there is one key problem with it: you can’t scan it at the gas pump. Now it may be easy to see why this doesn’t work yet, at least at my Costco, there isn’t a way to scan anything. At my gas pumps, you have to swipe your membership card then you debit/credit card to pay for gas. So, obviously that wouldn’t work with the new digital memberships. However, this hasn’t stopped anyone from being upset. Shoppers have been commenting on social media about their frustrations saying things like:
“Epic fail, could not get gas and attendant refused to honor it.. when will these companies learn that launching technology early always impacts their customer…” Instagram user @the_shapery commented on the post.
Costco issued various responses to disgruntled commenters, directing them to the frequently asked questions page.
“The gas pumps aren’t currently set to read the Digital Membership Card, so your physical card will still be needed,” the company wrote on Instagram.
While I understand why this new feature doesn’t work at gas pumps, I also understand how frustrating it can be to have a new feature rolled out before everything is entirely ready to launch. In this case, including gas pumps in the update.  For now, I am just happy that Costco has this feature so I can just carry my phone and not have to worry about digging for my membership card while shopping with my 3 kids!

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