Make Your Own Felt Shape Board

IMG_2400My kids love tactile learning!   I saw an example of this (much classier) somewhere – I can’t remember where the inspiration came from, it’s not entirely original, but it stuck in my head.   The craft store had a sale on felt this past weekend, it was time to make our own!   Hopefully, your kids will enjoy interacting with shapes.

Supplies needed:IMG_2372

  • Felt, lots of colors!
  • Shapes to trace (I used some blocks and lids to make patterns of the various shapes we included)
  • Scissors
  • Extras (beads, scarps of yarn, pipe cleaners, etc.)
  • Your imagination

Instructions:   Cut the felt into various sized circles, squares, rectangles, ovals, triangles, crescents, etc. If you are really industrious you can make a felt envelope to carry your pieces in and use as a display – great for traveling!

Learning activities:

  • Create a pattern
  • Discuss big, bigger and biggest while comparing the sizes of the circles you’ve made.
  • Think of an animal or plant and to re-create it with your shapes (ex: ant, cat, caterpillar, cow, butterfly, etc.).
  • Use the shapes to create letters (Can your caterpillar be a “C”?)
  • Can you make food out of your shapes?   What shapes look like foods?   My kids loved “grilling” and flipping their “food” with the kitchen spatulas!



This activity is part of our Animal Learning Series.   For more click the link:


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  1. Mud Pies For Mommy says:

    I have one of these from when I was teaching. It is stuffed away in my attic. I will have to get it out. Thanks for the post, it reminded me about it.

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