Please tell me I am not the only one with tons of bottles of potions and lotions under my bathroom sink.   Well, no longer!   Thanks to the encouragement of one of my online Mom Forums I cleaned out my bathroom, including all the tubes of expired junk in the cabinets.   As I hate to waste stuff (and what purpose can expired sunscreen serve?)   I’ve made our own Finger Paint from shaving cream and tempera in the past and had the brilliant idea to create finger paint with the old lotions!   My kiddos loved it!   They didn’t create masterpieces, but they had mousturized hands, arms and heads as well as a great time!

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.We used liquid food coloring, but I think the gel colors would have been better, more vibrant.   We mixed the dye into the lotion with paintbrushes and then had a blast covering our paper and ourselves with the paint. The kids had a blast and I loved the way the kids smelled after our craft time!

Have your kids had any fun with crafts lately?   Tell me about them and link up in the comments!

preschoolers sunscreen fingerpainting

Pssst… you can also make an Easy Sunscreen Experiment Perfect for Preschoolers.

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  1. What an awesome (and basically FREE!) craft idea! I have two kids of my own and 5 more in my inhome daycare. I am always looking for easy, inexpensive things to do with them to keep them busy. This is PERFECT as I am a bath and body stuff Queen! THANKS!