Naming your baby is a big decision. After all, that is the name they’ll have for the rest of their life so there is a ton of pressure on new parents or parents to be, to choose the right name.

With that being said, popular baby names are a great place to start and the Top Baby Names of 2019 have been released along with the top 5 baby names of 2019 for both boys and girls!

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We are in about halfway through July and the top baby names of 2019 have officially been released. 

The top baby name for a boy is: Archie.

With this being the name of the newest royal baby (Price Harry and Meghan Markle’s son) that shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

According to Nameberry (a top baby name resource site) Archie attracted 50 percent more page views than any other boys’ name making it the top boy name of 2019 so far.

The top baby name for a girl is: Isla.

Isla has become popularized by actress Isla Fisher. The Scottish name meaning ‘Island’ has ranked among the top names for girls over the years and currently ranks in the Top 10 in Canada, Australia, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England.

It has since risen to the very top and is not the most popular name for a girl in 2019.

The Top 5 Names for Boys is:

  1. Archie
  2. Milo
  3. Asher
  4. Jasper
  5. Silas

The Top 5 Names for Girls is:

  1. Isla
  2. Olivia
  3. Aurora
  4. Ada
  5. Charolette

Now you just have the hard decision of choosing one but at least we helped you narrow it down! Which one is your favorite?

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