A recent study says, Women Prefer ‘Dad Bods’ Over Six Packs and finally I have some solid facts to go show my husband about something I’ve been telling him for years!! 

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A new survey by Planet Fitness has revealed more Americans prefer a guy with a “dad bod” to a someone with rippling abs.

What is a ‘Dad Bod’ you ask? Well, it’s a bod that is between a beer belly and a six pack of abs. You know, fit and healthy but not overly fit and healthy…

National health club chain, Planet Fitness conducted the study which measured the attitudes of over 2,000 men and women and found that more and more males are self-identifying as having a “dad bod.” We’re totally okay with that!

The results indicated that 65% of men and women find a dad bod attractive, and 61% think a man with a fatherly figure is sexy.

Of all of the findings, the most interesting was the discovery that more than half believe a dad bod is sexier than a ripped, lean stomach. So, seriously stop doing crunches!

Aside from the physical traits, the study concluded that nearly 80% of men said they were happier with their dad bods, while 78% of men and women think a dad bod is a sign of being confident in your own skin. We are finally heading towards body positivity and that is a very good thing!

Now, don’t go cancelling your gym membership just yet. You can be healthy and still maintain that dad bod!

In fact, even Planet Fitness made their own statement saying:

“As home of the Judgement Free Zone, we’re proud to offer a comfortable environment for all of our members, regardless of body type. Planet Fitness is challenging everyone, and not just dads, to be comfortable in their own skin and accept others for who they are.” – Planet Fitness said in a statement. 

So, guys enjoy that extra slice of pizza or a few more donuts. Women love it and we don’t need that six pack you thought we did! 😉 

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