Here is an approved pictures from the carriage ride party. Thanks to Little Faces Photography, my eyes are not fully closed in this one. I even have one of the carriage and horses that looks like a carriage and horses that I would totally post if I could figure out how to post more than one picture at a time without having crazy spatial problems. By the way, blog-Stedman had to work that night and was not just being paparazzi-shy. So, Jodi volunteered cottage cheese loaf for the potluck and I am bringing my grandma’s famous garbanzo taffy. I just have a little advice that you might want to skip the food and head right for the beverages. I have decided to stop living on the edge. As a declaration to the world to that effect, I filled up my gas tank on Monday when the gauge wasn’t even within 3/16 of the “E” position. It occurred to me that it wouldn’t be much fun, very safe or even super responsible of me to run out of gas with a minivan full of kids. It is not that I chose to be this way. I was born and reared this way. I feel fully confident throwing my dad under the bus for this one, especially since he was the hero of my last story. My dad, and I am not exaggerating in this area, has never filled up a gas tank that is not already running on fumes. I remember car trips across the country (these stories will be saved for other blogs when I have ALOT more time) in which my mom lead us in fervent prayer that a gas station could miraculously appear in the middle of West Texas, West Nebraska, Southern Oregon, anywhere in Utah or seriously northern California. The only time in my whole life that I have run out of gas was when I borrowed my dad’s car and COULDN’T EVEN MAKE IT THE 2 MILES TO THE GAS STATION! I don’t even need a big bill and a couch to figure this one out…it is not my fault! Fast forward to blog-Stedman’s side of the story. Blog-Stedman fills up the car any time that it is around the 1/2 full mark (which prior to kids I just felt was the hugest waste of time). So whenever he drives my car he ends up filling it up because of course it is 1/2 full or lower, much lower. This drives him literally insane and while that is entertaining (and I save myself a trip to the pump) it isn’t nice or responsible. I have figured out with this simple step toward adulthood I get a bonus of improving my marriage. Here’s to spending less then $50 every time I fill up! I have been working on my Christmas cards for 132 days now (that may be a slight exaggeration in physical time, but not mental time which totally counts!)…it is NEVER going to end. The problem is that I am trying to coordinate/consolidate/collate/perpetuate/ridiculate my list to one concise and comprehensive list. When this is completed angels will sing, nutcrackers will dance and hell will have frozen over. I know enough about creating printed label lists to be doing my cards by hand from 4 different lists and the envelopes of cards I receive. Hint, hint: get your card to me early and receive your card in time for Christmas! In my dreams, after the holiday season I will have entered everyone’s complete information, including email address and phone number into my phone which can be sync’d for label prep. I know it sounds crazy, but I’m hanging onto the dream…

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  1. P.S. Yesterday when we left the house at 6:45am and got onto the freeway for our 65 mile drive, I looked at the gas gauge and realized I forgot to fill up yesterday! Oops. So, we made it to the nearest town w/out ridiculously expensive gas, coasted off the freeway while the guage read “0 miles to empty” and hubby got out in the 28 degree weather to fill up. Love it!
    P.P.S. We paid $3.35 a gallon. Not a lot by our standards, but from what I understand, a lot for other parts of the country?!

  2. Last year, I FINALLY heard the angels sing when I FINALLY coordinated my addresses and made a little file in Word called “Address Labels”. What a thrill. You’ve really GOT to do it. It’s such a rush. 🙂

  3. Since I can’t comment directly to your haiku posts…I read them! I always check for new ones. They make me smile 🙂

  4. Hey, I like a good cottage cheese loaf as well as the next guy…I think I was projecting my distaste of the garbanzo taffy on your yummy dish…I hope this doesn’t keep you from volunteering other “special” dishes for future potlucks.

    I like the idea of the NY card, but that ship has sailed here since mine already say “merry Christmas”–will have to work on that next year!

  5. I can’t believe you are knocking the cottage cheese loaf…. no Christmas card for you! actually, it’s looking like no cards for anyone this year….

  6. well….good luck on finishing those Christmas cards.

    when we had our son—he was 3 months old for his first Christmas. That’s when I started a new tradition—New Year’s Cards.
    That’s what people get from us. I can’t get my stuff together to get them out before Christmas.

    ….so, while the new gifts entertain the little guy & husband…I do the NY cards.
    …and all is right in my little world….or, at least I feel like it is!

  7. Awesome pic…why does it take a professional photog to get a good picture? Is it just me? Hate.

    Oh-and I was hoping you could tell me how to get more stupid photos on w/o effing with the spacing. Sucks.

    Anyway…I totally get the car filling up thing. I never fill mine unless I’m exceptionally low. The only time we are ever good about keeping it full is when I’m pregnant & about to pop. The hospital is an hour away, so stopping for gas is not an option.

    On another note, I have to tell you how much I LOVE the “Blog Stedman” name. Awesome!