What Is Your Favorite Vacation You Have Taken With Your Kids?

Summer break means more flexibility when it comes to traveling.I can’t wait to get out there and explore with my daughter this summer! What is your favorite vacation you have taken with your kids? 

What Is Your Favorite Vacation You Have Taken With Your Kids?


What Is Your Favorite Vacation You Have Taken With Your Kids?

As an author, I am inspired by historical attractions and touristy trips of that nature. My daughter has been raised in the middle of it, and, luckily for me, she is just as into it as I am! Our favorite vacation spot is the Boston area, and stopping off to visit Salem. I have a couple of stories that have to do with the area, so we head there as often as we can for book research. My daughter jokes that Salem is her Disney! She also decided (by age 6!) that she wants to attend Harvard for journalism, one day.

A few years back, we took our most memorable Boston trip. I told her she could plan one of our travel days all by herself–where we would go, what we would see, and do. It was a great activity and lesson in and of itself! We sat down with the computer, maps, and brochures, but she already knew where she wanted to go. Her little seven-year-old heart had its sights set on visiting Harvard! 

What Is Your Favorite Vacation You Have Taken with Your Kids?

Making Memories with Your Kids During Vacation

When we arrived on campus, the traffic and parking situation were so crazy that I spent two hours driving in circles in Cambridge, just waiting for a spot to open. Finally, I tried to pull away in defeat (because who drives around for two hours?!). Her little eyes welled up, even though she nodded in understanding, and I just couldn’t let her down.

Half an hour later, a spot opened. We parked and soaked up every ounce of the pricey parking by exploring the campus, taking pictures, even talking to some really sweet students who stopped to talk to her about their experience. Did I mention that we took pictures everywhere? With statues, next to the ancient brick structures, and on basically every towering staircase we could find. We bought out the merchandise department, and then grabbed a drink and a snack at the Starbucks directly across the street, while she pretended to do homework (jotting down notes for an article about her Harvard trip!)

What is Your Favorite Family Vacation You Have Taken with Your Kids?

Vacations Become Family Legends

The best part of that trip was the hope of it all, and seeing one of her dreams come true. She talked to me about her future and shared her dreams of what her college years would be like. It opened us up for a great discussion on the fact that while goals and dreams are amazing and powerful, it’s important to remain open to multiple possibilities. Wherever she attends college will be amazing and the right fit for her–Harvard isn’t the only option, and that is what makes the future so exciting! 

It’s a trip that we still talk about years later, and one that I think will remain with us forever. 

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