If you’re a teacher or know someone who is, you’ll want to show this to them ASAP before they throw out all their dead dry erase markers because this This Teacher’s Viral Hack to Revive Dead Dry Erase Markers is Brilliant! Besides, it’s a total money-saving tip and allows teachers to get more out of their Expo markers. A few weeks ago, Yo Sandy (that is her Facebook name) posted on Facebook this hack she found that is said to revive dead (dried out) dry erase markers and guess what? It actually works! The hack goes like this… You take a piece of string and attach it with tape to the end of the marker then you swing the marker around your head about 25 times in a circular motion. Once done, the marker should once work again like new. “I feel really silly” – Sandy says in the video as she begins doing this trick. And at the end, you can see the marker works once again!
Amazing, right?  I am sure you all know that the Expo brand markers can be quite expensive when they aren’t on sale so this hack is going to save so many teachers and parents money in the upcoming school year. Share this with any parents and teachers you know!

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