The Disney parks have been making all sorts of changes this year trying to make the park more efficient and give guests a more magical experience and now, there is a new change… A Disneyland Plan that will require guests to book their visit in advance. So, if you were planning a Disneyland visit this year, you’ll want to know all of the details before you go!

This New Disneyland Plan Requires Guests To Book In Advance, Here’s What You Need to Know…

Recently, Disney has announced the release of their “Disneyland Flex Annual Pass” this pass will allows for more control of the crowds at Disneyland since pass holders will need to book their visit in advance.
Credit: Disney
The new Flex pass goes on sale on May 21, 2019 and is priced between the bare-bones $399 SoCal Select pass, which has the most restrictions, and the pricier $799 Deluxe pass that has fewer block out dates. None of the existing annual passes are being eliminated.
Credit: Disney
The new Flex pass costs the same as the discontinued Southern California pass that is now only available for renewal.
“Disney hopes the lower-priced Flex pass offers visitors more flexibility in planning trips to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure while providing the theme park more control over crowd management. The goal: To smooth demand that varies throughout the year based on school schedules, seasonal events, annual passholder block-out dates and the whims of the calendar,” – Register.
Credit: Disney
The Flex Pass allows pass holders to visit on select days (indicated in green on the park calendar) or on days that are marked in blue if they pre-register for their visit. Days that are marked grey are black out dates. You can see how the Flex Pass works below.
In addition, pass holders will receive exclusive discounts on select merchandise, dining and special events throughout the park. You can view all of the details of the Disney Flex Pass Here.

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