I am a weather wimp. After a snow-filled childhood in hearty states like Nebraska, Michigan, Washington and Pennsylvania, I now sit in my Texas home whining that it was chilly yesterday and it might be today. I say might because the weather prediction jury is still out. In their defense it is difficult to forecast the dramatic swings in temperature we sometimes experience. I remember one New Year’s eve we were rollerblading (Christmas presents) in 90 degree weather at noon and could have used ice skates in the ice storm that rolled in before midnight. But most the time we live in the warm to hot range of the weather spectrum. It is toasty around here and sometimes burnt toasty. My body has adjusted well to the heat and my blood runs thin. Which brings me to the cold. Insert shivers here. I am not a fan unless I am on skis and there are no mountains within 10 driving hours of here so what is the point? After careful research, I have deduced that my children require 2.4 hours of outdoor play to maintain MY sanity. When it is cool, chilly and cold that doesn’t happen. So yes, I have managed to create a plot where the weather is against me. Why would mother nature do this to me? Have some sympathy on a fellow mother.

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  1. I know! I am obsessed with bundling my children up so much so that blog-Stedman thinks I have a problem. It is 39 degrees outside today…will this torture ever end? Please disregard the previous comment if you don’t live in the south or CA.

  2. Oh…I’m such a weather wimp now too! After proudly growing up in NY where we had nice, normal,
    COLD winters, I have totally acclimated to the mild CA climate I live in now. Today for instance it was 41 degrees outside when we left the house and I thought I was going to DIE! The boys were bundled up like we were on joining the Donner Party across the mountain pass.

  3. We had a snow day here in Michigan today — first of the season (not first snow, but first school snow day).

    Actually, it’s more of a freezing rain, slippery slush day — definitely not play outside sort of weather.

    Good for me, because I got to sleep in a little bit this am instead of gathering mittens, boats, coats and packed lunches. Bad, bad for the babysitter at home.

    Hope you find something interesting to do inside on your (slightly) cold weather day!