Experts Say Parents Burn 3,000 Calories Trying to Get Kids Dressed For School

The best part of it all, is that you may be getting into that Summer bikini after all from all those calories you burn while doing it!

Yes, experts discovered that Parents Burn 3,000 Calories Trying to Get Kids Dressed For School at least that’s what an article I came across says…

“The American College of Sports Medicine has confirmed that the various actions carried out by parents as they try to get their children dressed and ready for school can amount to a similar amount energy expended when running a marathon.” (Source)

And it completely makes sense! If we spend time struggling, fighting, standing, running, and wrestling (okay, not really) our children every morning just to get ready, there has to be a medal for that right?

I mean, I’ll take burning 3,000 calories over that any day!

““Yes, it’s actually the equivalent to running a marathon and then fighting off an angry bear,” explained Professor Olan Wyche, head of the study which observed over 1,000 families and their morning school run routines.” (Source)

Now, while I couldn’t find this exact study and found the information from the link I put above, I could see this being pretty valid. Maybe less than 3,000 calories, but it is certainly workout.

I mean, you can burn several hundred calories per hour wrangling cattle, so I don’t find kids any different, right?

Heck, any time you do anything with kids it’s a workout and I’d love for them to conduct a research on the average amount of calories burned a day by parents just helping their kids with things…

I bet it’d be like:

? 100 calories burned for grabbing a Capri-Sun from the fridge

? 100 calories burned for walking to the bathroom to wipe your toddler’s butt

? 100 calories burned for yelling at your kids to brush their teeth for the 10th time today

? 1,000 calories for picking up your kids LEGO’s off the floor in the middle of the night as you just stepped on one.

But seriously, do you feel like you are constantly on-the-go as a parent? If so, do you feel like it helps you burn more calories?

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