I love Build-A-Bear probably more than my kids do. I just find it fun stuffing and dressing a brand new friend and if you feel the same way, you’ll be happy to hear that Build-A-Bear Is Releasing a Pink Unicorn Stuffed Animal. Yes, unicorns and things rainbow colored are waiting to head home with you! Now, you’re probably thinking, “but they already have a Unicorn stuffed animal” and you’re correct. They have offered several different versions of Unicorn friends but so far, none of them have been Pink like this one: Or, Rainbow like this one: Yes, both Unicorns are New and are ready to be stuffed with love, given a new name and taken on a wild journey to your home. Both magical friends are priced at $25.50 and they have some adorable rainbowtastic outfits you can purchase to really complete the magical fairytale look. You can find both friends (and their outfits) in-store and online. If you love unicorns, you need to check out these other fun ideas here at Kids Activities Blog…

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