Breastfeeding is tough work. Long hours, late-nights and constantly having to watch what you eat and do to help maintain a steady flow. It’s no wonder we sometimes just want to turn the task over to someone else just for a bit so we can get some sleep.

I commend mama’s that can and do breastfeed their babies exclusively. I never had the opportunity (with exception of my 2nd born but it required medication to keep my breastmilk steady) so, I truly can’t imagine.

If you’re a mom that has ever wanted a break or maybe has to go to work and can’t breastfeed your baby all day, there is a new bottle that you have to know about.

I know what you’re thinking, I don’t want to start my baby on bottles but think about the help you’d get and perhaps a few extra naps too!

Introducing the nanobebe bottle – the bottle that allows dads to breastfeed too!

As you can see from the image above, the bottle resembles a breast (okay, maybe before we had kids) but nonetheless, its design helps babies feed just like they would be fed from mom.

The bottle is easy to clean, stackable, and you can pump into, warm the milk in it and fed right to your baby!

And if you thought this would cost you an arm and a leg, guess again!

The starter kit is just $49.99 while bottles cost around $10! That is an inexpensive cost for a bottles that offer so much (including mom’s sleep and sanity which is priceless).

This is certainly something I wish I had put on my baby registry!

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