“Wet hair don’t care” or maybe, you do care. In that case, you NEED the Amazon Hair Towel Moms Can’t Stop Talking About because apparently, it’s everything you’ve ever needed in a hair towel. The Aquis – Original Hair Turban is a top-rated hair towel that promises a “hands-free solution engineered to correctly dry hair from wet to damp, quickly, evenly, gently and without heat.” The Aquis Original Hair Turban is the perfect option for easy, hands-free hair drying. This lisse-style hair turban is made with innovative, super absorbent fabric woven from ultrafine fibers to create a lightweight material with superior water-wicking capabilities that dries hair quickly and gently. Dries hair to a damp stage fast, with less friction to minimize frizz and damage—all hands free, thanks to the unique button closure locking system! And moms (and women in general) are going crazy for it! With over 600 reviews on Amazon, it’s a top-rated item and has been selling like hot cakes! Did I mention it is only $21 with free shipping?! A total steal! And it’s simple to use, check out how to use it below.
I plan to stick this on my Mother’s Day wishlist. It would be a dream to help my hair dry faster. Since my hair is so thick, it takes FOREVER to dry. It comes in multiple colors and you can snag it on Amazon here.  
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AQUIS hair turbans are perfect for keeping your hair out of your face so you can focus on getting that perfect winged eyeliner?? #regram @gorjess

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