The internet is an interesting place. We find our news here, delicious recipes, fun craft ideas and, we also use it to settle debates. Today, I came across the fact that The Internet Is Divided On How Many Times You Say ‘Chugga Chugga’ Before ‘Choo Choo’ and I just had to take part! This is the biggest parenting debate I’ve ever seen! A Reddit user recently posted the question, which seems innocent enough — until you realize just how heated we can all get about our varying opinions on the subject. 
How many “chuggas” are you supposed to say before “choo choo” from r/TooAfraidToAsk
And just like we expected – the post BLEW UP! Parents are certainly passionate about this subject. The debates go on and on… and NOBODY can seem to agree… Most agree on the fact the one “chugga” is too short so we at least know it doesn’t stop there. The debate is whether it’s 4, 6, 8, or some version of the Batman theme song. Then, some are getting more technical saying it depends on the direction of the train. So, let’s end this once and for all… how many Times Do You Say ‘Chugga Chugga’ Before ‘Choo Choo’? For the record, I say 2…

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