9-Year-Old Girl Who Wrote Steph Curry Co-Designed His New Sneakers

It’s the ultimate American Dream to be an entrepreneur and successful business owner but most wouldn’t even dream to accomplish this by age 9.

However, one 9-year-old girl had her dreams come true!

Credit: Under Armour

9-Year-Old Girl Who Wrote Steph Curry Co-Designed His New Sneakers

9-year-old Riley Morrison wrote a letter to NBA star Steph Curry asking why his youth sneakers didn’t include any styles for girls.

Her letter said:


And to her surprise, Curry himself responded saying:

Source: Twitter

And Curry kept his word…

On International Women’s Day (March 8th) Under Armour revealed their new shoe: Under Armour Icon Curry 6 “United We Win”.

The kicker – it was co-designed by 9-year-old Riley Morrison.

The shoe is a blend of a dark and light purple, and has a drawing of two girls holding a basketball on a sock liner with encouraging messages that read: “Rock the Currys,” “Girl Power” and “Be Bold.”

While the shoes sell for $130 and are completely sold out with no word on if or when these will be restocked, proceeds from the shoe will fund a scholarship from the Curry Family Foundation + Under Armour that will go to a young woman from the Oakland area pursuing an education in a stem-related field.


“It’s been amazing. It’s a really special experience. I never imagined that this would happen,” “I’m really happy I wrote that letter.”

Riley said Thursday at a pop-up shop in Oakland where Curry surprised her with her own pair of the new sneakers.

This girl is a reminder that sometimes you just need to put yourself out there and hope for the best. Because you never know what you’ll be able to accomplish.

We are sending lots of support and love to this adorable little girl. We just know she’s going places…

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