At some point as parents, we get overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with the noise, the stresses that come with parenting, and just life happening. It can almost feel like we can’t catch a break or truly just breathe. Some are far more overwhelmed than others and while it may look like they are okay on the outside, we truly don’t know how they feel on the inside. Now, I don’t believe hurting a child is EVER the answer for anything nor do I believe parents who have done this are justified. However, we can’t ignore the fact that is does happen and we will never understand why. With a recent tragic homicide involving a 7-year-old boy in Sandy, UT (the same neighborhood I live in) it’s important to share that Crisis Nurseries Exist for Overwhelmed Parents and we are sharing everything you need to know.

Crisis Nurseries Exist for Overwhelmed Parents and Here’s What You Need to Know…

As I mentioned, I can never understand how parents get to the point of harming their own child. As a mom, nothing is more important to me than my kids and I can’t ever imagine harming them. But that is the point, we cannot understand what is going through another person’s mind. Truthfully, we shouldn’t try. Instead, we should try to bring awareness to let other parents know that it is OKAY to be overwhelmed. It is okay to be stressed. It is okay to feel like you just need some quiet, alone time. It is okay to feel like you need your kiddos to go play at a friend or family member’s home so you can just take a deep breath and take a break. It is okay to have a break away from your kids. It’s healthy and sometimes it’s just necessary. And while you may feel like you are a bad parent or you may feel guilty for even thinking any of that, know that you are NOT alone. Heck, sometimes I just wish I could shower alone. Doesn’t mean I don’t love my kids. It just means I’d like to enjoy a scolding hot shower while singing some Britney Spears songs and not having to worry about being interrupted about Minecraft or Fortnite for hundredth time every once in a while. The amount of pressure we put on ourselves to be the “perfect parent” is insane. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY is perfect. We all have versions of what we think makes us good parents but admitting our faults and dealing with them makes us an even better one. And should you ever find yourself alone and in a situation where you are feeling so overwhelmed that you can’t take another minute, remember that you have options. Options that never involve harming your children. One being a facility referred to as a “Crisis Nursery”. 

What is a Crisis Nursery?

Crisis Nurseries exist to offer a safe place for overwhelmed parents to safely drop off a child. A parent can visit any of these locations, drop off their child for a period of time, and return to get their child when they are no longer feeling overwhelmed. Crisis Nurseries are often a free resource for parents and can even offer additional services to help parents at times of need. Crisis nurseries in the United States evolved from a grassroots movement to develop immediate interventions for stressed caregivers of young children to prevent abuse and neglect and the need for out-of home placements (De Lapp, Denniston, Kelly, & Vivian, 1998). Because crisis nurseries were established based on the family support needs of local communities, each crisis nursery offers a range of emergency and follow-up services that meet the unique needs of the caregivers and young children they serve.

The Heartbreaking Truth About Child Abuse

Every 10 seconds, a report of child abuse is made.

A safe shelter could help reduce the risk of a child developing health issues from being neglected or abused. The United States loses on average 4 to 7 children every day due to child abuse and neglect. Crisis Nursery is trying to help these children every day by providing safe shelter, food, and clothing for children and families in need.

Where can you find a Crisis Nursery?

You contact your local DCFS office or visit your local Department of Human Services to find a location near you. Remember, while it may be easy to say “that’ll never be me”, you never know where you’ll be one day. And the best thing you can do is ask for help. Knowing Crisis Nursery’s exist can help keep your kids and kids you know safe so, it’s something worth sharing. If you ever are feeling like you are going to harm yourself or your child, please call 911 or your local authorities to ask for help. Everything You Need to Know About Subliminal Messages in Kids YouTube Videos

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