One of the things that we as parents of little ones have to deal with is the car seat shuffle. It’s a whole thing where we have to make sure that whatever car we are putting our child into is also car seat equipped. rear facing car seat I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent climbing around in the back seats of cars getting the car seats in just right. You see, as the resident shortest person, this always seemed to fall on me. kid in rear facing car seat Well, buckle up moms, dads, and caregivers, because there are new car seat rules, and the AAP wants your kids to be rear facing until the age of four, or at least until they outgrow the weight and size limits of their convertible car seats. Now, this doesn’t mean the little infant carrier that you put in your car and click in and out. infant carrier It’s mostly about the size and height of your child, though. Not necessarily age. They have proven again and again that rear facing car seats are the safest way for kids to travel, and I know we all worry about their little legs, but it turns out that it’s actually SAFER and less likely to get leg injuries when they’re rear facing than when they are forward facing in their seats. Baby Car Seat rear facing So, just keep those kids turned around. Even if it does mean it’s impossible to chat with them while you’re driving. Come check out the 2023 Target car seat trade in event!

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  1. Children should not be in a rare facing until age 4, Parents should always go by the recommended weight and height from the car seat manual. Leaving a child in a rare facing car seat til age 4 will cause leg and growth issues.