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Potluck: random, unorganized thoughts smashed together into one post and branded as a potluck

You can do this.

I started throwing potlucks because I would have a bunch of short ideas that couldn’t form a complete post independently.   It has grown into just plain silliness which now amuses me.

There are no rules to throwing a potluck…except it needs to be a potluck and somewhere in YOUR potluck it needs to link back to me.

To join in on the Potluck joy, please add yourself to the Monday Potluck Blog Hop fueled by the Linky Tools.

Here is a little tutorial on how to use it:

1.   Click on the “Click here to enter” button:

2.   OK, so far…so good.   Now enter a DIRECT link to YOUR POTLUCK:

*Please read the warning.   I am super serious.   I would hate to send you to potluck jail.

3.   Now you can add the blog hop to your potluck for extra karma points:

4.   Cut and paste the code into your potluck:

Alrighty!   You have officially joined the potluck.

My Monday Potluck will be posted at random times on Sunday evening.   The blog hop will be open until Tuesday at noon to join in on the fun.

I will visit.

There will be unofficial sponsors and fun prizes!

I have made some potluck badges over the years that I use.   You don’t have to use any of these, but feel free to steal them if you would like to use them:

If YOU make a badge for potluck, I am totally stealing it and working it into one of my future potlucks.   It is my hope that random button making will abound and this page will be full of silly buttons.

Here are some buttons made by recent potluckers…yay!

From Shauna at Blah Blah Blog who forced me into throwing a Monday Potluck Meme:





From Heidi at Frantically Simple:





That is what I have energy for tonight.   I will be adding more later!   Thanks to all who have participated so far.

Join me on Monday…

Click here for some of my previous potlucks

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