Cassie’s Frozen Yogurt in Grapevine

My children adore ice cream.

Such adoration is probably a result of them coming from a long line of ice cream lovers, a lineage that can be traced back through their father’s (my super cute husband) family. Before marrying into the Phillips’ clan I thought I really enjoyed ice cream. I had sampled many of the 31 flavors at various ice cream mega-stores. I had consumed pints of creamy goodness when happy or sad or simply bored. I thought I really enjoyed ice cream.

Then I met my husband and was welcomed into his family. It was after  the vows were said and we embarked on this journey called “marriage”  that I realized his people REALLY love ice cream. This frozen delicacy is served at every large family gathering. Books about the history of ice cream are exchanged at Christmas time. A common phrase heard after greeting heard after “Good to see you!” is “Is there ice cream?” During our nine years together, I have come to understand that these people really. love. ice. cream.

Did I mention that at our wedding my husband did not have the traditional groom’s cake or elaborate spread of chocolate dipped fruit? No, the boy opted for an ice cream sundae bar instead. It was the hit of the reception.

Have I also mentioned that I often times congratulate myself for marrying into a family with such great culinary tastes?

It is no wonder that my children now really love ice cream. Such a love is embedded deep in their genes, a trait that has been passed down through many generations. They were both fed ice cream way before they ever tasted any stewed peas or pureed carrots.

Here’s a little problem with the family’s deep love of this frozen treat: ice cream is not exactly healthy. Not wanting to rain on my family’s frozen treat parade, I have found a solution in which everyone can enjoy a cool treat that is also healthy and nutritious for their growing bodies.

The answer: Fro-Yo.

(“Fro-Yo” is the hip way to say “frozen yogurt.” Don’t be ashamed…I had to Google it to the first time I saw such vernacular.)

Specifically: Cassie’s Frozen Yogurt in historic downtown Grapevine.

Cassie’s Frozen Yogurt, owned and operated by a mom (Cassie) and her family, is a self-serve frozen yogurt store. Cassie’s offers 12 flavors (8 are standard while the others change frequently) and 40 toppings. Patrons come in, fill their yogurt cup with as much (or as little) frozen yogurt as they desire, add delicious toppings, weigh their cup of yumminess (yogurt is 39 cents an ounce), pay and enjoy!

Did I mention that the yogurt is healthy? It contains probiotics and active live cultures, just  like traditional  yogurt. Also, many of the choices are either fat free or sugar-free.

Cassie’s Frozen Yogurt has an incredibly family-friendly vibe about it. The decor is done in vibrant shades of pink, blue and yellow. Doors are left open to welcome in visitors off the street. Cassie’s desire is to be known as the neighborhood yogurt store, a gathering place for locals and tourists. Sitting down at Cassie’s with my family reminds me of the days of my youth, when my mom and dad would take us out for ice cream at the crowded local parlor. Good times.

Want to check out Cassie’s Frozen Yogurt for yourself and see what all the buzz is about?

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Cassie’s Frozen Yogurt is located on Main Street in Grapevine. It is open Mon-Thurs, Sun. from 11am to 9pm and from 11am to 10pm on Friday and Saturday. If you are in a hurry and want to grab a large amount of frozen yogurt to-go, Cassie’s offers their “Really frozen yogurt” in 32 ounce containers for $7.50.

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