Have you encouraged your children to eat healthier, only to meet resistance? These tips for getting kids to eat healthier will save the day!

Trying to get your kids to eat healthy is easier said than done. Especially as they get older and have more of an opinion on what they want to eat.

Even though it’s difficult, it’s not impossible to get your kids to eat healthier!

Some of these tips will work for your family and some won’t, but be sure to try them all before you throw in the towel!

Tips For Getting Kids To Eat Healthier


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Tips For Getting Kids to Eat Healthier: Smoothies

Making smoothies for breakfast is one of my favorite ways to get kids to eat healthy without them knowing. Most kids enjoy some type of smoothie, so all you have to do is sneak in a few veggies when they aren’t looking! I even use this technique when I make homemade pasta sauce! I sneak in extra greens and other veggies, and they are none the wiser! Yep, I am being totally serious. You can put kale, avocado, spinach, and all kinds of other greens into a smoothie (or sauce!), along with their favorite fruits, and they won’t even be able to tell they are in there. I call it the veggie ninja move! This smoothie recipe from Sunshine Momma has both kale and avocado in it!


Tips For Getting Kids to Eat Healthier: Casseroles

Some kids have super veggie vision and can see a veggie no matter what you put it in, even casseroles. When we were kids, my mom used to blend up veggies and then put them into the casserole.  My brother never had a clue they were in there! You can also pick casseroles that already have their favorite foods in them, like this Cheesy Enchilada Bake, from The Nerd’s Wife. They won’t be able to see past all that yummy cheese, to spot the extra veggies!     Tips For Getting Your Kids To Eat Healthier



Tips For Getting Kids to Eat Healthier: Prepare!

This goes for both me and my family. If we don’t have healthy snacks ready and prepared we almost always reach for the unhealthy foods. Check out this amazing post with tons of healthy snack ideas, from Sunshine Momma, for more inspiration! My favorite way to stay on track, is by using Super Healthy Kids to meal plan. They have TONS of kid-approved recipes that are awesome for adults, too! It provides a way for me to come up with meal ideas, meal plan, combat picky eaters, AND stay on track with healthy eating. And my preschooler LOVES their recipes. You can try it out and get their meal plans for free for 30 days here!    

Tips For Getting Kids to Eat Healthier: Mix It Up

Try cooking in different ways. For example, you might love guacamole, but can’t stand eating a plain avocado. Kids are the same way. I’ve also heard that it takes several times of trying something before you can really tell if kids like it or not. If they say they don’t like a veggie or fruit, try it again in a few months, when they have forgotten about it, or present it to them in a different way! One thing that usually works with my daughter, is involving her. At the grocery store, I teach her how to select produce, and listen to her suggestions, so she feels like she has a say in what she is eating. When I prep the food, I have always given her age-appropriate tasks to help me. When they are invested in the food, and have helped you buy or cook it, they will be more interested!  


Tips For Getting Kids To Eat Healthier  


Tips For Getting Kids to Eat Healthier: Show Them That You Love It

We always make a huge deal about how much we love a food that our daughter has never tried before. Usually, if she sees us getting excited about it and eating it, she will try it on her own. Even if I don’t like something, I pretend I do so that she will at least try it. This might work differently with different personalities, but play around with it. Maybe make it a challenge, or just don’t say anything about what is on the plate. I know sometimes when my daughter is on the spot, she’s less likely to try something new.


Tips For Getting Kids to Eat Healthier: Don’t Buy It

I am all for moderation, and we do have unhealthy snacks occasionally, but the number 1 way to ensure your family is eating healthier food is to not buy the junk. They might complain, but they will get hungry and they will most likely find something that they like. Also, our palettes change to grow accustomed to our diet. Once you stop buying junk, they will get used to healthier choices, and crave those, instead! Plus, reserving junky foods for special occasions makes them special! There is almost always a healthier version of snack foods, too!  

Tips For Getting Kids to Eat Healthier: Try New Recipes

Now that you have some fun new tips to get your kids to eat healthier, check out these yummy recipes: Easy Veggie Recipes For Kids Healthy And Super Cute Egg Recipes For Kids Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes  


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