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I have a 1 year old boy, who is a great night time sleeper. When he was younger he was a terrible napper, so I followed some advice and took him for walks in the stroller to get him to nap…

This worked, and he will now nap in the stroller for a couple of hours, often without actually going for a walk.

Now he is getting a bit long to sleep in the stroller, so I’m trying to teach him to sleep in his cot during the day. So far I have put in a nap routine, tried patting to sleep, crying it out, cuddling to sleep, controlled comforting… nothing is working!

The poor wee man just cries for as long as he is in the cot, until eventually I get him up to try again later… he’s exhausted, but just won’t sleep in the cot… does anyone have any other ideas?

Please leave your experiences & advice below!

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Brittany Kelly says:

Besides the advice from above, I would just stay super consistent! We had this problem too with our daughter and I realized that we had a great before bedtime routine, but no routine before naptime. It was a rough few weeks to get her in the habit of napping, but now she has it down!

Arena Blake says:

I agree — try to put him down a little earlier. He may just be so tired that he is fighting it. My son will get so tired that he won’t fall asleep <-- yes, that is actually possible. So we would lay him down for a nap before he showed signs that he actually needed the nap. Often by the time we noticed the "signs" it was too late. Holly Homer says: One thing that sometimes happens is that these changes occur coincidentally when nap patterns change - like going from 3 naps to 2 or the dreaded 2 naps to 1. One thing I would suggest is to try putting him down for a nap about 30 minutes earlier than you usually do to see if it is because he is over-tired that he is fighting it so much. Mom of 3 Boys says: I had this issue with my oldest because we used the swing for his naps when he was young. I think he got used to the motion and it was hard for him to nap without it. We had to completely stop the use of the swing for about a week to get the naps back on wasn't easy! And no one got much rest during the day, but it eventually sunk in. The good news is that it didn't seem to affect his nighttime sleep and I was able to actually put him to bed about 30 minutes earlier on days when the nap didn't "take". ---- What do you think?

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