Join us this Easter as we search for Bonnie the Bunny among our favorite crafts and activities with Imperial Sugar! Imperial Sugar Easter UPDATE: Winners have been announced! Head over to the Imperial Sugar website to see the list of winners. Imperial Sugar, one of our favorite partners, is hosting a fun scavenger hunt this Easter — a Find Bonnie the Bunny Contest. Bonnie will hop all over the Imperial Sugar’s Kids Kitchen website this week. Some days she’s checking out the Edible Art, some days she’s stopping by the free printables — but no matter where she goes, she doesn’t stay long! At the end of the contest, five lucky fans will win a KitchenAid hand mixer — it comes in 17 colors! Winners will be announced on Friday, April 13, 2018. From March 25 – 31, visit the Imperial Sugar Bonnie the Bunny Contest Page each day to see a new clue about where Bonnie can be found that day. See if you can find her – she’s holding a little Easter egg with the Imperial Sugar logo on it, like this: ? ?How To Enter the Find Bonnie the Bunny Contest:
  1. Visit the Find Bonnie the Bunny Contest page to see that day’s clue (or check it out below!)
  2. Search the Imperial Sugar Kids in the Kitchen website using the clue to find Bonnie the Bunny.
  3. Fill out the entry form on the contest page and include the link where you found Bonnie the Bunny!
We will also be sharing the clues every day, so be sure to stop back by for the next clue!?

Find Bonnie the Bunny Contest Clues:

Sunday, March 25: Don’t boil these eggs – here’s something more fun. Decorate these with icing and eat them – one by one! ?Monday, March 26: With some scissors, paper and sugar glue, this eggcelent craft is super easy and fun to do. Tuesday, March 27: These little guys are all lined up – round, chocolate and ready to eat. One bite of these “feathery” delights and you’ll know it’s a treat. Wednesday, March 28: These aren’t permanent so you don’t need to fret; wear these this Easter and it might be your most fashionable yet! ? Thursday, March 29: Corner to corner, this craft will brighten any space. Hang these hoppity friends on your mantle to put a smile on your face! Friday, March 30: Follow our easy recipe for these buttery, cinnamon-y twisty treats and you won’t fail; all complete with ears and a tail. Saturday, March 31: Print these out for some Easter delight. Grab your crayons or markers – don’t leave these just black and white! What are you waiting for? Head over to the Imperial Sugar Kids in the Kitchen website to see if you can find Bonnie the Bunny! And while you’re there, check out all the fun things for kids to do for every holiday. You’ll never be bored with all of the fun recipes, crafts, printables and activity pages offered there!

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