Box Tops for Education App Bonus — It Is Easy!

I am really excited to partner with Box Tops for Education because it has been something that I have participated in.

Until recently, that consisted of plastic bags bursting with cardboard rectangles carefully curated from our kitchen. Now it is so much easier because you can use an app!

box tops for education app

How to Redeem Box Tops for Education

  1. Sign up for Box Tops for Education on the website & choose the school you want to benefit.
  2. Download the Box Tops Bonus App.
  3. Sign into the app and check the offers.
  4. Buy participating products
  5. Scan the receipt.
  6. Earn Box Tops for Education!

See, I told you it was easy!

And what is even cooler is that there are Walmart bonus box tops offers using the app. Rhett and I went to Walmart and had a little friendly competition finding the Walmart BTFE bonus offers:

We were excited about General Mills, Kleenex® and Walmart teaming up to offer a Buy 5 products, Get 50 Box Tops offer** through the BTFE app…

How to Get a Bonus of 50 Box Tops for Education

  1. Go to to see the participating products.
  2. Identify those products in the Box Tops Bonus App.
  3. Shop at Walmart.
  4. Buy the participating products.
  5. Scan your Walmart Receipt.
  6. Earn a bonus of 50 Box Tops for Education!

Coming out of store

Rhett and I had a lot of fun running around Walmart locating the participating offers. Leaving the store with products that we buy regularly knowing that this time they would also be a big benefit for our school was a big bonus.

Box tops mom and son

Once we were at home we selected each offer and scanned the Walmart receipt. After scanning, the app would say each offer was pending.

I received an email a few minutes later with the offer details and that it had been accepted.

How Much has My School Earned Through Box Tops for Education?
When you login on the BTFE website or on the app, you can see how much your school has earned. You can also compare that with other schools in the area. The school that Rhett and his brothers attend ranks 19th in the area for earnings.

?How much has school earned

Can you imagine how quickly that total could climb if a bunch of families took advantage of the bonus 50 box tops?

Let’s make that happen for your school!

**For every 5 Box Tops for Education (BTFE) products you purchase in a single transaction at Walmart on or after 7/10/18 and entered by you by scanning your receipt through the Box Tops Bonus App by 9/10/2018, you can earn 50 Bonus Box Tops, for a your BTFE eligible enrolled school. Only available at Walmart. Multipack BTFE products purchased at Walmart count as 1 participating product for purposes of this offer. To redeem offer, you must download the free Box Tops Bonus App available through the Apple App Store or Google Play store and be or become a member of, supporting an eligible, listed enrolled school and follow offer redemption instructions within the App. Bonus Box Tops are worth 10 cents each and will be awarded directly to your selected BTFE school. There is a combined maximum of $500,000 in Bonus Box Tops that may be collectively redeemed in connection with this Walmart offer. If maximum is reached, offer will be discontinued and removed from the Box Tops Bonus App. Only BTFE eligible enrolled schools can be awarded earnings. All Bonus BoxTops offers are subject to the App Terms of Service, Official Rules, and Privacy Policy, available at Standard Data Rates May Apply. You also can learn more at © 2018 General Mills. All rights reserved. App store is a service mark of Apple, Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google, Inc.

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