Busy Summer Collage Tired of hearing “I’m bored!” by the second day of summer break? Us too! Learn how to keep your kids busy all summer! Oh, the summer sunshine, the fireflies at night, the ice cream cones on a hot day…those are the blissful moments of summer when all is right with the world. Unfortunately, as all parents know, by about the second day of summer vacation there’s another side of summer that rears it’s ugly head. Around here we call it the “I’m Bored” phase of summer and, oh my word, it can be exhausting. That’s what we here at Kids Activities decided to put a stop to summer boredom and save parents everywhere from the struggle that comes with finding something for their kids to do! We’re so excited to introduce 8-weeks of free activity guides that will keep your kids busy all summer long. Yes, really – all. summer. long. Busy Summer Activity Guides Balloons And Sand Castle Toys

Preschool Activity Guides

One of the things we love about the new activity guides is that they’re perfect for preschool and lower-elementary age kids. Why is this so special? Well, it’s the age that learns best through play, but who has seen a dramatic increase in screen-time over the last decade. The preschool activity guides help kids step away from the screens and engage with their families in activities, crafts, field trips, and reading. Each of the eight learning guides has five days of activities, a recommended reading list, and suggested songs or short videos. While the goal is to keep kids off the tablets and televisions, the three videos that are listed in each activity guide offer an opportunity for kids to extend their learning about the topic being studied. We carefully curated the videos to make sure that we were only recommending ones that were relevant to that week’s topic. Busy Summer Sand Castle

Why Are Activity Guides Awesome for Parents?

We love the preschool activity guides, because they’re filled with learning and creativity, but we also love them, because they make summer easy for us! Instead of wondering what in the world we’re going to do with the kids each day, it’s already all planned out for us. The printable worksheet, activity packet, or printable craft is there for each day of the week and then the two accompanying activities let our kids get their hands dirty and have fun creating, experimenting, cooking, and more. There’s also no more arguing or fighting over getting some learning worksheets done, because they’re just part of the week’s routine. When I use them with my kids, I don’t care if they do the printable activities in the car on the way to the field trip, after nap time, or while I’m cooking dinner. As long as they get them done, it’s good! One of my friends, however, loves having her kids complete the printable activities while she’s making lunch and dinner, because it keeps them busy so she can quickly get food on the table. She said it’s the most peaceful time of the day! Busy Summer Boy Gardening

Why Are Activity Guides Awesome for Kids?

In addition to just being a lot of fun, the preschool activity guides are great for kids, because they reinforce simple skills that kids need to master before moving on to higher grades. They get a chance to master their fine motor skills, enhance their gross motor skills, delve into projects that require critical thinking and creativity, and learn how to communicate problems and solutions. These five-day preschool activity guides may look simplistic, but they’re really powerhouses for learning and will help stop summer slide!

What are the Activity Guides About?

Great question! There are currently eight activity guides that last a full five days. The topics include: You can click on any of the subjects above to get to the activity guides or you can find them all HERE. ? So, go have an amazing summer and stop summer slide – and summer boredom! – in it’s tracks! The free preschool activity guides have everything you need to make this summer fantastic! ?

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