One of our favorite Quirky Momma partners is closing its doors today… …and it just makes us sad. Little Things has been one of the few bright spots on the internet with uplifting, inspirational content that just made us smile. For about two years, Quirky Momma (’s FB page) has partnered with Little Things because their articles were a great fit for our family-friendly community. In fact, the Little Things articles and videos were among our FB community’s most shared, commented and liked/beloved content. FB will be a sadder place from now on because of this loss. The unfortunate thing is that FB is what caused this. Changes that I describe here on regarding new branded content policies resulted in Little Things losing its ability to drive traffic to the site. Business Insider has a good article about this today. I know often we think of FB algorithm changes as annoying or just something that causes inconvenience in our lives…have to learn where FB moved something! The sad thing is that many times these changes affect business in a significantly negative way. Businesses have invested time, money and strategy into a platform that simply has no regard for those sacrifices. Goodbye Little Things. P.S. If you were a part of the Little Things team and Quirky Momma can be of help, please do not hesitate to ask. -Holly Homer

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