todays to do list The illness of these busy times… It took several years to get pregnant the first time. And multiple trips to the doctor’s office. The second time was easier with only a couple of doctor’s visits. And by the time the third came around, no doctor was required. I had dreamed and dreamed of these kids. They were so cute. They were so smart. They were…{insert glowing, amazing descriptor here}. And they were driving me crazy. The level of chaos of having three kids can’t be overestimated. Especially in “these times”. I know I am now sounding like I am 100 years old. These busy times. What had once been the ultimate dream to have kids…and then be blessed with three…had turned into what felt like the world’s longest to-do list with no escape. [STOP] Why are these busy times so busy? My to-do list didn’t have things on it like cure cancer or save the world from hunger. In fact, my to-do list was filled with things that had little or no significance on the world. These busy times crowded my life. These busy times hoarded my breath. These busy times trampled my joy of motherhood. I had to take back my life, my breath and my joy of motherhood before it was too late… Oh, and the crazy thing is that once that happens, life is less busy. What? <–I know. {hugs} Holly P.S. Enjoy today :). Take a deep breath & cross off some of the busy stuff on your list.

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