My boys and I watch SharkTank together regularly…so this “celebrity” sighting was pretty cool for me. I was at a conference a few weeks ago for entrepreneurs (representing :)) and sitting with my dear friend, Becky from Your Modern Family. We were at a point in the program where they were bringing people on stage for 10 minutes of specific coaching. Becky and I had both asked to be included, but they were only picking a few people out of 3500. The first business they brought up on stage was Illumibowl.
It was like a celebrity sighting for us. I mean, they were on SHARKTANK! They light up toilets with 6 different colors! They got a deal with Kevin O’Leary! Becky and I both OWN Illumibowl products. The coaching came to the part where they talked about what was the next market Illumibowl would go into. They had a lot of success to date, but wanted to find the perfect customer for them and create some additional products to meet their needs. THEY MAKE TOILETS GLOW! They talked about how they were thinking about marketing to the older demographic because they were prone to falling when getting up at night and Illumibowl is the perfect fit for that problem. Becky kept shaking her head. They discussed how they could meet the senior citizen’s needs and keep them safe. Becky kept shaking her head. They came to the conclusion that this was the right move for Illumibowl… Becky kept shaking her head. The Illumibowl guys’ time was up and everyone clapped. It was really fun hearing about their business (THEY MAKE TOILETS GLOW) and what their future plans might be. Becky kept shaking her head. Then from the stage, the next person for coaching was called. It was Becky. She made her way up to the stage through the thousands of seats in front of us. Up the steps and onto this precarious twirly stool. They asked her to start by telling everyone a little about her business, Your Modern Family. But she shook her head. Can I just give the Illumibowl guys one piece of advice before we start? The moderator looked surprised and motioned for her to continue. Illumibowl is for kids! Every single family in the country needs one of these. It will give parents more sleep because they don’t have to get up to accompany children to the bathroom. Kids think it is awesome because THEY MAKE TOILETS GLOW. The entire room broke out into applause. Becky was right. And because Becky was right, we got to meet the Illumibowl guys right after the session. And because Becky was right we have been working with the Illumibowl guys to get YOU an amazing deal not available anywhere else: Because THEY MAKE TOILETS GLOW. {hugs} Holly P.S. They put together a cute video for us showing how moms can get more sleep with the simple addition of Illumibowl in the bathroom.

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