If you use essential oils you might have heard of Young Living’s KidScents, but it can be confusing at times to decipher all of the essential oil “lingo”.

KidScents is a special line of products designed just for kids to use! Which is ideal for moms who already use essential oils, but might be concerned about the potency of regular oils.

What are KidScents Essential Oils?

The products in the KidScents line range from traditional oils to toothpaste to shower gel and every product in the KidScents line is completely chemical free. You can even get your kids vitamins from Young Living!

For the most part, I am assuming just about everyone can figure out what the self-care products are used for, but what about the essential oils in the KidScents line?

Essential oils can be downright confusing. I have been using them for over three years now and I still am nowhere near an expert (and will probably never be!).

What are KidScents Essential Oils Used For?

GeneYus Essential Oil 

GeneYus essential oil is an essential oil blend made up of many popular essential oils including cedarwood, frankincense, and Ylang Ylang.

It is used to promote concentration and focus for kids. You can diffuse this oil while kids are doing their homework or rub the oil on their wrists and the bottoms of their feet before school!

For adults try Brain Power.


Owie is an essential oil blend used for skin level issues such as taking the sting out of a bug bite or relieving the uncomfortable feeling from a sunburn.

It is also great for kids to use because if you have a little one you know they almost always want to put something on their “owie” to make it feel better. My daughter always runs to the essential oil cabinet for me to put some of this on her.

It smells wonderful and is a blend of tea tree, clove, and a few other great oils.

For adults try Lavender or Frankincense. 


This one is my all time favorite and I think that any parent that has children with relaxation troubles should try this out.

It promotes relaxation and peacefulness so we rub this oil on the bottom of my daughter’s feet and diffuse it in her room each night. It has actually become part of our bedtime routine and she loves helping me get her diffuser ready before bed!

SleepyIze is so popular that you can only order one bottle of oil per month just so that Young Living can try and keep it in stock!

For adults try Peace & Calming or Stress Away.

What are KidScents Essential Oils?


I remember having so many seasonal issues as a kid and now my daughter goes through the same thing!

We use SniffleEase in the diffuser each morning to help with sniffles and it turns her day around.

This essential oil blend includes popular oils like peppermint and lavender!

For adults try Peppermint or Eucalyptus. 


This is a must have for parents too. With just a few drops of TummyGize on the abdomen, you can calm little tummies.

It contains the oils spearmint and peppermint to help promote relaxation for tummies.

Whether your children are nervous or feeling uneasy this is the perfect oil!

For adults try DiGize. 

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