birseed1This week we are studying birds.   We used birdseed in a tactile or blind, “I Spy” as well as practiced gross motor skills by pouring bird seed from cup to cup.

Materials needed:

  • Bucket
  • Birdseed
  • items and small trinkets

What we did:

The kids love feeling birdseed sifting through their fingers!   They picked three objects from their pile and would hide them in the bucket, then pass the bucket to the other child who would proceed to find whatever items were requested.   This gave the kids chances to work on giving and following instructions as well as using deductive reasoning to find the object by sensation and not by sight.   I don’t know what my kids enjoyed more, feeling the bird seed or giving instructions to their sibling.   My only wish is that I had put a sheet out first!   Bird seed is small and can make a big mess!

birdseed2After we finished our “I Spy” game, we practiced pouring.   The floor was already a mess, why not?

Here is a collection of free bird coloring pages.   At the end of our learning “time” we glued birdseed on our bird outline.   This used gross and fine motor skills as they had to squeeze the paint along the lines and then pour birdseed over the glued areas of the page.   It was a little too advanced for my 2 year old, but E seemed to have the hang of it.   Hope these inspire you to have fun learning about birds this week!


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