Kids see the world differently. We all know this. But when this illustrator sits down with a group of kids and asks them to describe their parents, I’m not sure anyone could have expected the things they had to say. First off, this guy is amazing. I’m not sure what inspired him to create a channel where he draws what kids tell him to draw, but he brings things out of them that you’d never imagine. For one, he makes it all about the kids. Even though they’re describing their parents, he asks them questions the entire time and treats them with the kind of respect we don’t always see. And the kids love it. They tell Koji things about themselves and their parents that are heartfelt, true – things that make it pretty clear pretty quickly that this is a about a lot more than simply drawing. Take a look! Yes, some of the kids are funny, and some are brutally honest, but the moments these kids wanted to draw are moments that were full of love. And that’s what makes this so special – the love behind the drawings.

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