This is the hilarious moment a dad goes off the deep end and walks into a pool after finding out his wife is pregnant their fifth daughter. It’s exciting times for the Batson family as they prepare to announce the gender of their fifth child via Facebook live, using colour coded cupcakes. After having four successive daughters – three with her current partner – Christine’s husband, Josh, was openly hoping for blue icing in the middle of the cake for a boy. As the girls painstakingly chomp their way to the centre, already outnumbered Josh can’t believe his eyes when four-year-old Natalie announces, ‘it’s a girl’, causing the dejected dad to put his head in his hands and storm outside. Looking up to the heavens in dismay and screaming ‘why, God, why?’, the 34-year-old takes three steps forward before falling in the pool and floating face-down on the surface, while the girl’s mom quips ‘five girls never killed anyone’. Dad might be outnumbered, but I’m guessing his new little daughter will have him wrapped around her pinky finger in no time.

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