My oldest, Ryan (8) has always been in charge. I figured that was his birthright.   His dictated birth order status.   His bossy destiny. He has ruled his kingdom of brothers. Without incident. Without serious rebellion. Until recently… Rhett (3) has started his own country.   In his world, he is in charge.   Anyone who thinks otherwise is ordered out of his presence and told in no uncertain terms WHERE they need to go. Quickly...oh, and loudly.   And if they don’t then there is war and tantrums.* *Coincidentally?   Rhett and his country are currently in their room due to his world colliding with others… Reid (6) is Switzerland and just goes and takes a nap until the countries surrounding him settle into grumpy peace agreements. Reid looking back Each country is battling over Switzerland’s land because their own borders aren’t budging. Ever. Even if sent to a time-out. Even if their DS is confiscated. Even if their allowance is pilfered. Thankfully to this point Switzerland has been napping through the unrest. Switzerland’s mommy is considering purchasing Switzerland earplugs in an attempt at world peace. As for the other countries? Mommy might just purchase an extra pair of earplugs for herself.

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  1. 🙂 funny

    ok – so you know what is so interesting – I typed my comment – 🙂 funny

    and hit submit comment

    I mean – that is a good comment – right? Sums it up – good post, funny, smiley face – can’t go wrong – right?

    Nope – wrong

    It told me that my comment was a bit too short and to try again……..

    Does the computer not know that brevity is the soul of all wit? I think that is the quote……anyway

    So I am trying again – now I might just have to make a blog post of my own out of the whole experience 🙂

  2. I would have to say that I’ve got Russia and the US, circa 1958. An arms race ’til the bitter end.

    Good luck with your own personal Axis and Allies.

  3. Please be advised… Holly and Cammie have currently taken on their roles as Referee. Even though they didn’t want or ask for this job role, it is given to all mothers who choose to have more than one child.

    I am about to relinquish my role and let ’em go at it! So, if you don’t hear from me in awhile, I may be in the ER! 🙂

  4. Having two brothers myself, I can relate, except that me and my youngest brother were like the US and Israel, while my younger brother was Iran – with Nukes! Talk about good times. 🙂

  5. There are two kinds of youngest children–steamrollers and doormats. In the long run a steamroller is best. In the short run . . . Oy!

  6. I remember when I was Rhett. In my case, if things didn’t go my way, i’d go hide and then people would be where’s Brian, where’s Brian and it made me feel so good that it took them 3 hours to find i was sleeping in my dad’s boat in the garage under the tarp.

    No one EVER looks there.