How to Have a NO Spending Month

Do you know how to have a NO SPENDING Month? Does it sound crazy and you have no idea how it’s possible to Make Saving Money Stress Free especially when you’re trying not to spend anything for a month!! Let me tell you all the secrets!

How to Have a NO Spending Month

One of my favorite parts of “saving money” is when I do a no spend month. Essentially, a no spend month is when you don’t spend any money, except on the essentials. You can’t go out and make any large purchases and most people even try to live out of their fridge and/or freezer. Are you afraid of not being successful? Here is how you do a no spend

Are you afraid of not being successful? Here is how you do a no spending month and be successful. It’s easier than you might think!

A great place to start before you ever think about having a no spend month is to create a budget that you can stick with. If you don’t know how much money you have or where your money needs to go each month, it’s harder to plan and cut back your spending!

How to Have a NO Spending Month

#1. Stick with it

Make a pact that no matter what, this will be a successful no spend month for you. Truly, half of the battle is sticking with it. If you can make the commitment, you can be successful. Remember – it’s only 30 days! You can do it!

#2. Get your spouse on board

If you want a no spending month to be successful, then you need to get your spouse on board. Not always easy, but you both need to be on the same page if you want it to work.

My husband always thinks that we can’t do it or actually he thinks that I can’t do it, I’m going to end up buying a new pair of shoes for the kids or something I just don’t need right now so it’s hard to get him on board with a no spend month but I always convince him that I can and that it WILL be worth it!

#3. Put up the debit card

If you have your debit card or credit card on you, you probably are setting yourself up for failure. One thing I like doing is putting up my debit card up for no spend months. I can do this because I use cash for everything. I put the cash in envelopes and only use what I have. Once that is gone, it’s super easy to not spend anymore. I can’t say the same for my debit card.

How to Have a NO Spending Month

#4. Join a no spend group

I have always found more success whenever I am in a group with like-minded people. When I see others are avoiding spending money, it makes life a little easier for me. I know there are others who have the same goals as me and that makes it EASY!

#5. Have a plan for food and activities!

Another way to be successful during a no spend month is by having a plan. I plan our food menu for the whole month, our Frugal Meals for Families on a Budget are perfect for these months!

I also plan free activities for the month. When you realize you do not have to spend money to have fun, life changes a little bit.

A no spending month frees up more money to pay off debt. It’s amazing how much senseless money a family can spend in a month when they are not paying attention.

Try a no spend month for one month and see how you do. Be sure to check out the 10 Money Saving Habits you Need to Know too! These are great ways to get into the money saving habit without even trying too hard!

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