Monday. Oh, Monday… Potluck are on Mondays badge
My plan for keeping the boys busy this summer is wearing me out.
Me more than them.
How is that possible?
And now for the feature without a button or a name, but we are calling it: Fashion tips from Rhett: Backwards is the new Frontwards

Let's find out who is the Peep of the Week! Peep of the Week button In response to my report of riding through tornado warnings at Best Buy –
Going to Best Buy in any weather can be a near death experience…
Congratulations ThreeUnderTwo.   I finally figured out how to add an RSS feed in my sidebar in WordPress (I know I am a little slow) so you are the first Peep at the New and Improved Nirvana to get the Full Peep Treatment.   Please look to the right and bask in the words of Lit and Laundry… And now for a little story
You are Either a Nap Person or Not a Nap Person
I am a nap person. Anywhere (although I prefer a nice cushy couch). Anytime (although I prefer a good 2 hour block). As long as I have known Blog-Stedman he has never napped. Except now he works nights…so he has to get sleep when he can.   When he works a bunch of nights in a row then there becomes a schedule or normalcy around here.   As normal as it gets. It is when he has had a day or two off and then returning to work that night that gets more complicated.   He sleeps at night and then tries to sleep some more during the day to “save up” sleep… Yesterday was one of those days. He had been napping on the couch for a few hours and got up and APOLOGIZED for sleeping. APOLOGIZED? Apologized. Yep, he apologized for a nap with full justification. Proving once and for all he is NOT a Nap Person. Holly presents her ¦ Free Advice to the World *applause* Today's advice is for bakery owners and managers.   I LOVE bread.   I am a carboholic.   The fresher the bread, the better.   I will buy your bread UNLESS you do this: Bread Bag Pet Peeve The end-of-the-plastic-bag-tucked-under-the-sticky-label is one of my biggest pet peeves.   Seriously, NO ONE who has EVER done this has then had to OPEN the bread bag or else THAT PERSON would NEVER do it again.   Ever.   Ever.   Ever.   What a WASTE of a perfectly good bread bag.   What a way to FRUSTRATE a perfectly happy Holly. My advice to Bakeries Everywhere:   Free the end of the plastic bag and sell the loaf. What is in Holly's Fruit Bowl Hmmm…let me get up and look.   One apple, four limes and four bananas.
Oh!   One more thing.   Announcing a new Potluck feature!
Whoo hoo…
June Cleaver Nirvana Approved
I want to mention a few favorites today…
Happy Campers grows HUGE tomatoes.
Miss Britt talks about motherhood’s judgment and stereo-types.
Total Eclipse of the Heart gets a literal interpretation:
And last, but not least…here is my submission to the new website Cheer Up Nation: Cheer Up Nation submission Go check out the site from the brain of PapaTV and join in the fun. Whew!   I think that potluck was SUPERSIZED.   Sorry about the extra calories…
A little thought for your Monday
May this Monday find you with more than needed/wanted? help from willing young hands…

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  1. I hate the bread thing , too. My advice:Buy the Debbie Meyers brown bread bags…SERIOUSLY! They rock hard! Here in FLA, my bread goes bad in 2-3 days. With the brown bags, I have kept it on the counter (not my fridge) for 2 weeks-soft and mold free!
    And a nap~best thing ever! and literal videos make me wet myself I laugh so hard. I <3 U and you are going right in my reader!

  2. I am a wanna-be. A wanna-be nap taker. My kids are resolute in not being nap people. This is a problem.

  3. Rhett’s such a handsome devil, i hate so see him get his hands dirty. but i hate to see him sweat from running laps around the hosue if he doesn’t do a good job!

    Oh, and Ana LOVES bread. Like I LOVE taco’s!!

  4. I always apologize for napping to. Seems like a waste of time to me… but then you’ve said before that Blog-Stedman and I are similar….

    Our next door neighbors little girl wears her pants backwards too. I wonder whether she’s destined to marry Rhett or if it’s going around the collective unconscious of young children.

  5. Naps are the greatest thing ever!
    I love cheer up nation 🙂
    Wonder if they’ll take the sign with my daughter holding “don’t mess with Texas” 😉