Soap opera

It had been a long day.

So long that I started the dinner and toy clean-up early in hopes of an early bedtime.

Reid with arms stretched out

The older boys were in one bath and I had just finished giving Rhett his bath when I heard screaming coming from the other tub.

I might mention that screaming from the other tub is NOT unusual and I just ignored it because it wasn’t of the blood-curdling variety.

A few moments passed and a very wet Ryan ran down the hall…

Mommy!   Come quick!

Again, the commands were not of the blood-curdling variety so I continued what I was doing.

Mommy!   Mommy!   You have to come see what Reid is doing.

Uh-oh.   That could be just about anything so I popped out my head and said What?

Reid is drinking soap and burping bubbles.

Ya, I don’t really want to see that.

REALLY mom!   There are bubbles coming out of his mouth.

Ya, I don’t really want to see that.   Tell him to stop.   Tell him to get out of the tub.   Tell him YUCK.

I finished with Rhett and got him dressed in footy pajamas and then headed down to visit with blog-Stedman in his home office for the few minutes he had before he began his work shift.

We were sitting and chatting when we heard a commotion on the stairs followed by Rhett running into the office yelling…

I am going to throw up!   I am going to throw up!

I scooped him up (facing outward, I am no dummy) and ran him to the bathroom where he proceeded to vomit.

What happened in the last 3 minutes that made you throw up?

I ate soap.

Hmmmm…wonder where he got that idea.


  1. LOL – great minds.

    At least I know what you’re going to threaten Rhett with when he starts cussing like a sailor.

    The other two? Maybe Tobasco?

  2. Soap will do that to you. Someday you will have a day where nothing untoward (bleeding, vomiting, etc.) happens and you won’t be able to put your finger on why things don’t feel right.

  3. Seriously? Unsupervised head injury followed the next day by unsupervised soap poisoning? Not a jury in the nation is gonna buy it.

  4. Wonder which one thought of burping bubbles? I bet it wasn’t the one that was actually doing it.

  5. I’m guessing that in that interval, the words “Now you try it” were uttered…

    I love how calm and cool you are with three boys…

  6. If one doesn’t think of it…………the other will!

  7. I can only hear Ralphie from A Christmas Story: “It was…soap…poisoning!”

    I would like further information from Jenn@ on when exactly I can expect this not-quite-right day.

  8. HA HA HA… Really LOL funny.. I would say only in your house but that would totally be jinking my house… But thats a funny one!

  9. Bwahahahahaha! That is HILARIOUS! Leave it to Ryan to be the cautious one, Reid to be the experimenting one, and Rhett to be curious!

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