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Marnie writes Carrots Are Orange, a Montessori inspired homeschooling blog she started in 2010 after the birth of her first son. She hails from Maine, a wonderfully down to earth place to grow up. Marnie moved to the west coast in 1999, currently living in Seattle with her husband and two young boys. She is pursuing Montessori certification. Marnie can be found on Facebook, Twitter @OrangeCarrots, Pinterest and Google +.

10 Best Nature Apps for Kids

10 Nature apps for kids - Kids Activities Blog

There is so much to explore when it comes to our world!  So many places to visit, explore and experience.  Unfortunately, there are many factors that limit where we can actually travel and see in person. That is one reason why Kids Activities Blog is so crazy about certain apps for kids.  Like a great […]

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Science Craft: {Adorable} Pumpkin Life Cycle and Ladybug Life Cycle

life cycle of a pumpkin for kids

Your kids will love these science craft ideas!  We have an adorable pumpkin life cycle craft AND an amazing ladybug life cycle craft.  Kids Activities Blog thinks Mommy might even have fun playing with these adorable crafts. Science Craft A science craft uses color, artwork, and craft supplies to bring science to life for kids.  In these […]

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5 Easy Science Experiments for Kids: Hands On Science

Easy Science Experiments for Kids: Hands On Science

Today we’d like to share with you 5 easy science experiments for young children.  Kids love hands on science and these ideas will help them explore and investigate science while having fun too. Kids Activities Blog hopes to encourage your child to love learning about science and how their world works. Easy Science Experiments Young […]

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Telling Time: Hands On Season Timeline (Montessori Approach}

Telling Time: Hands On Season Timeline {Montessori Approach}

Telling time is difficult for your children to understand.  This Season Timeline can help your little one begin to grasp the passage of time.  Kids Activities Blog hopes your child enjoys this hands on activity with a Montessori approach. Telling Time Telling time within Montessori falls into the History curriculum. Young children don’t have the […]

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The Greek Labyrinth: How to Make a Labyrinth {LEGO Activities}

The Greek Labyrinth for Kids: How to make a labyrinth {LEGO Activities}

The Greek Labyrinth is a fascinating story of mythology for kids.  Here are some steps to help your kids learn how to make a labyrinth in which to play out the myth.  Kids Activities Blog loves LEGO activities like this that bring learning to life. The Greek Labyrinth We recently built a Labyrinth from Legos. […]

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Human Body for Kids: Creative Play and Skeleton Craft

Human Body for Kids: Going to the Doctor and a Skeleton Craft

We have four great ideas for teaching kids about the human body.  They can use creative play and pretend to be going to the doctor or they can make a cute skeleton craft.  Kids Activities Blog knows that creative play and hands on crafts are great ways to reinforce learning for kids. I had the […]

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The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree {Change of Seasons Book Activity}

Change of Seasons Book Activity for The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree

The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons is a sweet story about a boy and his favorite apple tree.  It is a great book to teach children about the change of seasons.  We at Kids Activities Blog hope your child enjoys this hands-on book activity of colorful trees. I try to be as concrete […]

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The Friendship Seed: What is Friendship? {Book Inspired Activities}

The Friendship Seed: What is Friendship {Book Inspired Activities}

The Friendship Seed by Bunny Hull is a book that teaches children compassion and ignites a desire to learning about nature. It also helps to answer the question of What is Friendship?  Kids Activities Blog knows that the lesson of what it means to be a friend and how to nurture a friendship is invaluable to […]

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Preschool Math: Simple Graphs

Preschool math is fun for kids with these simple graphs

Preschool Math by Robert A Williams and Joy Lubawy is an excellent book with lots of easy and inexpensive math activities for preschoolers.  One lesson within this book is an exercise on simple graphs.  Kids Activities Blog loves this activity for preschoolers and hope you will come back to share with us what your child’s favorite […]

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Flag of Ireland Activity for St Patricks Day

Celebrate St Patricks Day with this flag of Ireland activity for kids

This activity teaches children about the flag of Ireland as well as colors, shapes, and math.  Celebrate St Patricks Day with your kids by learning a little about the holiday and the country from which it came.  Kids Activities Blog hopes your little one learns a lot with this cute paper craft. Flag of Ireland […]

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Learning to Be Kind {Kindness for Kids}

kindness activities for kids

Learning to be kind is an essential life skill for kids.  Not only can kindness for kids help them behave better, but it allows them to cope with more knowledge when they are not shown kindness by others. Kids Activities Blog loves this fill a bucket concept which is the perfect kindness activities for kids. […]

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Festive Lunar New Year Craft for Kids – Make a Drum

Kids can celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year as they make a drum

The Lunar New Year is a time of renewal and celebration for the Chinese culture.  Introduce your child to Chinese traditions as they learn to make a drum. We at Kids Activities Blog know you will appreciate that this craft for kids uses items that you probably already have around the house. Lunar New Year […]

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Valentine Crafts: Catch the Sun

Kids can make this suncatcher for valentine's day

Valentine crafts are fun for kids to create and make cute decorations around  your home.   Try this cute project and catch the sun with these beautiful Valentine’s Day suncatchers! We at Kids Activities Blog hope these hearts in your window will make your days a little bit sunnier regardless of the weather outside. Valentine […]

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{Colorful & Easy} Chinese New Year Activity for Kids

Chinese New Year for Kids

This Chinese New Year activity is perfect to go along with the start of the Chinese New Year 2013 on February 10. Chinese New Year for kids can be a learning experience amid the fun. Kids Activities Blog is always up for a holiday! Chinese New Year activities are fun and colorful. The Chinese New […]

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10 Things That Say ‘Play With Me’

play with me

Kids love to find objects that just shout Play with Me!  Here is a list of 10 things that can be invitations to play for your child.  We love simple fun at Kids Activities Blog. 10 Things I like to create “Invitations to Play” and leave them out for my sons, either in the morning […]

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Pre-Reading Activities

pre reading activities

Young children love to learn so pre-reading activities can be a great way to get them started down the wonderful road to reading.  Letter activities for preschoolers like this one can teach concepts like soft and hard letter sounds in a fun and exciting way.  We love making learning fun at Kids Activities Blog! Pre-Reading Activities […]

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Paper Craft: Make a Banjo {Learn About Instruments}

paper craft

Need a simple new paper craft for your kiddos?  Let’s make a banjo!  What a fun way to learn about instruments!  Fun and learning go hand in hand here at Kids Activities Blog. Paper Craft I work for my sons’ language school creating arts and crafts projects for 3 to 5 year old. The music […]

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Holiday Activity: {Pumpkin Pie} Paper Craft for Kids

holiday activity

A holiday activity that is easy to make and smells delicious?  Check out this adorable paper craft for kids – pumpkin pie with whipped cream.  We at Kids Activities Blog love anything having to do with dessert! Holiday Activity My 2 year old son’s weekly co-op always has adorable project stations for the children. Last week […]

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December Activities: DIY Ornament {Kid Made}

December activities

We have so many wonderful December activities for you to enjoy with your children.  This DIY ornament is just the perfect activity for kids and they look so sweet on the tree.  We hope you enjoy this and the other great family activity ideas here at Kids Activities Blog. DIY Ornament Each week I put together […]

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Christmas Craft for Kids {Easy Christmas Art}

christmas art project for kids

This easy Christmas craft for kids is easy Christmas art which may even double as Christmas decorations for future years.  We here at Kids Activities Blog love finding easy art projects that become family activities and when the result becomes a treasure, that is a bonus!  This Christmas Resist Painting project is super cute. Christmas […]

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Travel Around the World {3 Times In One Day}

travel around the world

We aren’t traveling this season, but wish we were!  Here is an activity we created so that we could travel around the world – from the comfort of home. Recently we took a few trips around the world, three to be exact, all in one afternoon. It was pretty awesome. Travel Around the World ANIMALS: […]

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10 Tips for Traveling with Children

traveling with children

With the holidays coming up are you planning any traveling with children? Traveling can add extra stress to your holidays so here are tips for traveling to get you on your way. Today, at the Kids Activity Blog, we want you to have the best time traveling and hope these Road trip tips for preschoolers […]

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Be Thankful: A Thanksgiving Tradition {Gratitude}


Be thankful. So often that is easier said than done, and even more difficult to teach our children, even with Thanksgiving Activities. My husband and I have a family Thanksgiving tradition of going to the mountains on Wednesday and returning on Saturday. Then we prepare our Thanksgiving meal on Sunday. It works for us, at […]

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Fine Motor Skills Activity

fine motor skills activity

A fine motor skills activity can help young children develop and strengthen their hand, wrist, and finger muscles.  Early learning skills such as writing and dressing oneself are dependent on these muscles.  Kids Activities Blog offers many great ideas for your child to have fun while building those important fine motor skills. Fine Motor Skills […]

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Family Fall Activities: {Go} Visit the Farm

visit the farm

When was the last time you took the kids to visit the farm? Add seasonal fall activities such as this to your family outings bucket list. Join us here at the Kids Activities Blog to create exciting and new family memories this Fall. Visit the Farm Recently we were fortunate to spend an amazing afternoon locally […]

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Fine Motor Skills Develop with this {Easy} Montessori Method Activity

fine motor skills feature

Young children are still developing fine motor skills which are so important in learning to write.  This Montessori Method activity helps them build those skills while having fun at the same time.  Kids Activities Blog loves finding simple kids activities {like this Montessori Method based one} that can be done at home with things that […]

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Teaching How to Measure {Science Fun for Kids}

Kids Science feature

How to measure nearly anything is a skill that adults often take for granted.  Teaching how to measure different household items weight is a simple way to start the fun with kids.  This easy science-based activity is what Kids Activities Blog is all about.  We love when kids activities sneaks in a lesson amid play […]

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Change of Seasons {Fun} Fall Activities

change of seasons

Change of seasons is a really fun time to take kids outside and experience the changes.  Fall activities are family bonding activities where a simple walk can turn into an exploration of differences.  Kids Activities Blog loves simple fall activities like this one that don’t require ingredients, supplies or money. Inspired by the venerable SouleMama, […]

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Practical Life Sensory Activity

practical life

The best kids craft & activities are the spontaneous ones and sometimes involve practical life activities. If that kids activity can be inexpensive and simple too, you are golden. Practical Life One afternoon I was boiling a half dozen eggs. My 1.5 year old desperately wanted to be involved in the process. The beginning of […]

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Practical Life: Flower Arranging

practicial life flower arranging feature

Flower arranging with children is a great kids activity for a lot of reasons. The activity is simple, inexpensive and uses real objects. Benefits include fine motor development, concentration and self regulation. Plus the materials are easy to gather: a vase and flowers. If you can, gather the flowers together outside or at a farmer’s […]

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