Garden Camp We are fortunate here in Seattle to have an incredible resource in our community called Seattle Tilth. The Tilth’s Children’s Gardening Camp program is out of this world. The themes covered include gardening tools for gardening, slimy creatures, composting and the ladybug life cycle to name a few topics. We explore plants, worms, make tea from herbs, get our hands dirty and let critters of all sorts crawl on our arms, hands and legs. We ended the class by shelling beans {called the Magic Runner Bean that grows 15 FEET tall} and making our very own seed pack to carry with us.

This image shows the actual beans we were able to place in our packet and carry home with us.

Activity:   Make Your Own Seed Pack Materials:
  1. half a piece of paper
  2. beans/seeds
  3. markers, crayons, stickers
  4. tape
  • Gather your materials
  • Have the children shell the beans if possible, otherwise take a few moments to explore the beans you were able to purchase
  • Fold the piece of paper nearly in half, leaving a lip at the top
  • Fold one side over a bit (1/2 inch), tape it down
  • Do the same on the other side of the packet
  • Allow the children time to decorate their packets
  • Have the children place the seeds/beans in their packet
  • Fold over the top and tape down with a sticker or tape

This image shows the children picking plants to include in our Summer Tea.

Create your own Garden Camp! We’re lucky to be in Seattle with such great resources. There is no stopping you from having your own Garden School. Today, we explored plants, made tea from herbs we hand picked, read gardening themed books, had an organic snack and dug for worms (basically). You can do those activities too! We are inspired by Tilth and they make it easy for us to learn. So, go ahead, dream up your Garden School right in your own backyard! Thanks for choosing to read this post! I love to hear from you so definitely leave a comment. Warmly, Marnie
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