This Chinese New Year activity is perfect to go along with the start of the Chinese New Year 2013 on February 10. Chinese New Year for kids can be a learning experience amid the fun. Kids Activities Blog is always up for a holiday! Chinese New Year activities are fun and colorful. The Chinese New Year activity we are sharing today is also very easy!

Chinese New Year Activity for Kids

Chinese New Year for Kids

2013 is the Year of the Snake, a wise and charming animal.

Chinese New Year is a colorful and lively celebration full of tradition and happiness. The idea to celebrate new beginnings is hard to resist.

Here is one simple way to integrate fine motor skill development and culture into your child’s learning. To create a button snake, I gathered felt, ribbon and a button. You will also need scissors and glue.


Chinese New Year Activity

First, I cut small squares from various colors of felt (which is great for color identification with younger children).

Then, I cut a small slit in each piece to create an opening in order to weave the button through the squares.


I cut a piece of ribbon long enough to serve as our snake.

Then, I tied a knot on the end of the ribbon snake.


I hot glued a button on the other end to act as the head of the snake.

You can use other types of glue.


Once the glue has dried, you are good to go.

So, introduce the activity to your child by demonstrating how to weave the button through the pieces of felt. {Go slowly and break down each step of the buttoning task. Buttoning and weaving are tricky for young children. This activity is a great segue into sewing too.}

Chinese New Year 2013

I tried to be lively and really work up the “snake” aspect of the activity. I was also able to incorporate Chinese New Year tidbits into the introduction. Ask your child if he would like a turn, if not, place the basket in the learning area, on a shelf or on a small rug. Once he has completed the button snake work, ask him to place the snake back into the basket and back to its place in your room.

Chinese Culture Activities

Kids Activities Blog recently published a fun lesson plan for elementary age children full of Chinese Culture Activities. If you are looking for ideas surrounding the Chinese New Year for older kids, please check that out.

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