Magnets: The Magic Dollar

Do you think dollar bills are magnetic?  Here’s a quick little experiment to do while studying magnets or money!

You’ll need a dollar bill and a magnet.

Fold a dollar bill in half and set it on the table like in the picture above.  We ended up taping the bill to the table because it kept falling over.

Next, put your magnet very close to the ink at the top of the bill.

Slowly pull the bill up!

Why was the dollar bill attracted to the magnet?   Challenge your kids to figure it out! (Hint: think criminal activity)

The reason this experiment works is because the ink used in printing bills is magnetic!   The special ink is one of the measures used to deter counterfeit printing.

Stop by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing website for all sorts of interesting money facts and photos.  And, if you live near Ft. Worth, TX or Washington D.C., dont’ miss the opportunity to take an amazing FREE tour of the printing facilities.


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