Early Math Activities

My kids learn math the best with the help of math activities and games.

Math can be both easy and difficult to do with older toddlers and preschoolers. Remember our fun early math game was our Tinker Toy Catapults.  Recently they helped some of the Quirky Kids to practice spatial reasoning  and then measuring as they launched the items and figured out how far they went!  Finding new ways to make math fun and relevant has been a challenge for us.

Math Activities and Games

Here are other math activities I have either done with my kiddos or as is the case of the lego math worksheets, is on my to-do list for the upcoming school year. I hope these ideas help you with your kiddos.

early math activities Develop Spatial Awareness – it is an element of math.  The kiddos over at Picklebums had fun learning about balance and physics in their construction projects.  At Creativity my Passion the kids had a fun edible geometry lesson.


I love how this easy to create dot-to-dot game helps kids learn number progression.  Use the “dots” on a dry erase board with a dry erase marker and you can reuse them till the stickers loose their “stickiness”.  Another kids learning activity comes with this bubblegum machine stamp and “dots” math game.


Using a different item to count or to pick up the pieces makes the learning more interesting!  This momma uses tongs in her kids math activities.  Now if only I could find my salad tongs!


I love how the kids cut out their own pizza toppings from images in this preschool math activity and then decorated a circle cardboard to create a math “paper pizza” – this would be a great way to work on fractions while enjoying a craft project. early math activities 2


Gummy worm measuring math.  The only problem is that there are never enough gummy worms to measure.  Take a bite of the worm and remeasure; what happened?  A great subtraction activity.


Don’t want to print out a worksheet?  Have your kids create their own – teach them how to solve a number problem with the help of a “spider”.  Add the number they are trying to reach in the “body” and have the legs be the solutions to reach the conclusion.  This would work even better with algebra.


We are planning on digging out our legos tomorrow to do a math activity similar to the worksheets fund on the Six Kents.  This would be great for learning to count by twos!  Another math activity is to use playing cards both for adding and subtraction and to help youngsters learn about means and averages.
Want a place to find more resources?  Helping Little Hands has a collection of active math activities and I love the way Michele uses a variety of dice – she has a fun math-based pinterest page.

Cool Math Activities.

What are your kids favorite activities to help them learn math?  I’d love to hear how you’ve helped your kids in the comments or leave a link on our facebook wall!

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