Make a T-Shirt Dress

This T-shirt dress does not require any sewing,  I have small kids, really small kids for their ages.  I’m small.  They are doomed.  One of the problems with being unusually petite is when we get a “group shirt” – you know the ones they wear on field trips, or to VBS, or as part of the “team” – my girls “shirts” are usually dragging well past their knees.  I can’t be the only momma with that problem.  Our solution is to re-creating too big T-shirts into T-shirt dresses.  Here is how.

. no-sew kids TShirt Dress


How to Convert a too-big T-Shirt into a dress:

no-sew kids TShirt Dress

First cut the sleeves off of the T-shirt.

Then cut thin slits into the folded sleeve.

Cut the sleeve on the slit side so that you have strips.

Pull the strips through the sleeve so that you have half the strips coming out of the collar and half the strips coming out the cut sleeve end.

Knot the strips tightly together.


She still needs to wear bloomers, and it could probably be a bit smaller in the arm holes  and across the chest, but she can look like the rest of her class now – and not drag her sleeves through her plate!  I love it!

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