Great Site for DIY Home Repairs

Some people are gifted with either the knowledge of how to repair something.  We are clueless and our dishwasher is dying so we decided it was time to replace the old clunker.  How does one do that? What does one need? We don’t know but thankfully, the experts at MonkeySee do!  I like this DIY site more than others as it gives video demonstrations along with their super easy to follow directions.  Even “monkeys” like me can follow it!

Other handy topics they cover:

  • Lock yourself out of the house?  Here’s how to pick your lock.
  • Got a draft along your window?  Here’s how to caulk it.
  • Did your son think it was really fun to flush ALL of his underwear down the toilet?  Here’s how to unclog it and get those undies back (or chuck them or whatever).

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