Dozen Playdough Recipes and Ideas for Play

All kids love playing with playdough.  Here are some of the best playdough recipes I’ve found from the web, along with a bunch of different ideas of ways we can use playdough to play and learn with our kids.

1 – In the blog, Creativity in Progress, Sunghee created a fun way to showcase those mini-playdough tubs to be party favors.

2 – Denise of Mom in Madison had fun making texture disks with her dough, imprinting various plants.  This is a great way to study botany.

3 – This us a great picture tutorial on how to create a dough bowl.  It is not in English, but the pictures are perfect!

4 – Anna of The Imagination Tree has a whole collection of playdough posts, including one where she describes the different tools and toys her kids use to enhance the fun!

5 – Lisa made an all-natural Herbal Scented Playdough.  I love how she dried her creations.

6 – Caz of  A Little Learning had fun this past Easter recreating playdough eggs with her kids.  They used yellow dough for the yolk, wrapped white dough around it and encased it in a plastic egg.

7 – Jill of Meet the Dubiens had fun teaching her kids about the earth by creating a playdough model earth complete with a core, mantel and crust of continents and oceans.

8 – Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Playdough.  It sounds yummy!  This is a fun moldable treat that Amanda enjoyed as a kiddo.

9 – We used play dough to explain letters that look alike to our kiddos.  My son especially is very spatial.  This activity resonated with him.


Playdough recipes and activities

10 – Nicole is on MomLoop and is the creator of The Activity Mom.  She created edible playdough with frosting – looks delicious.

11 – Cheryl of Little Running Teacher made little surprise balls.  She hid blobs of paint inside plain dough for her kids to squash and discover.

12 – Sand Play Dough is fun, almost as much fun as digging in the real sand at the beach.


Do you have a favorite playdough recipe?  Or a favorite activity that you do with your kids?  I’d love to hear about it.

4 days later teeth whitening
4 days later teeth whitening

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