Where To Find the Best Educational Apps for Kids

The app store on your tablet or phone can be intimidating.  There are so many options!  If you want to incorporate learning with electronic time, you’ve probably been looking for the best educational apps for kids.  Today, we’ve got them!

Instead of trial and error, we encourage you to try these education apps that we’ve collected, inspired by iGame Mom.  We love combining learning AND fun!

Where To Find the Best Educational Apps for Kids

Where To Find the Best Educational Apps for Kids

1.  These off screen apps get kids moving and having fun.  Attach the device to your child and they can race against different animals on the screen!

2.  Here are 10 of our favorite nature apps for kids. They are interactive and enhance nature learning through technology!

3.  Try one of these book apps to really bring a book to life.  They provide interactive reading fun as well as opportunities for extended learning.

4.  Learn all about animal science with these educational apps for kids that teach things like hybernation and life cycles.

5.  Here are the best educational apps for kids in science and strategy that are all great for the elementary age.

6.  If your little one likes puzzles, here is a list of the top five puzzle apps for your little one.  These are fun and educational!

7.  Math for preschoolers is fun when it can be interactive and visual. Here are six fun apps to learn math for the younger children.

8.  For the elementary age child, these apps for teaching math are perfect.  There is even a free app with math tutoring!

9.  Once kids get started gaming, it is hard to ask them to stop.  Here are ten ways to draw their attention away from their electronic devices.

10.  Lastly, before you hand over your device to your child, take a look at this information on how to child-proof your iPad.

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